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Last night LSG and some of her teammates had the most unbelievable night!  They had a chance to participate in what they thought was just a photo shoot with Adidas.  That sounded awesome enough on it’s own, but little did they know all the surprises that awaited them…

They began the evening at Stub Hub (home of the LA Galaxy) by getting some new Adidas gear- jerseys, shorts, socks and an awesome jacket.  They did some stretching and drills and then…

Music starts playing and then a big Adidas truck from Dick’s Sporting Goods backs up next to the field.  I couldn’t really see exactly what happened next, but there was lots of screaming and jumping up and down from the girls.  When I walked over I saw USWNT members Becky Sauerbrunn, Morgan Brian and Emily Sonnett passing out new Adidas cleats to all the girls!  These are the first cleats made for women by Adidas and they are awesome.  My usually die hard Nike girl was seriously impressed.  I think we might be seeing a switch at our house.  She has tried on the Nike high top cleats several times (she calls them “turtlenecks” haha) but they have always been too high.  These are kind of like a “mock turtleneck” and hug under your ankles with out having too much material.  She also said they are super light and comfortable.

After putting on their new cleats, the girls headed out for a training session with none other than my fav SoccerGrlProbs ladies!  Seriously unbelievable.  I so wanted to meet them, but didn’t want to bother them.  (#fangirl- haha!)

The girls were then pulled aside in small groups to take pictures with the cleats and Morgan and Emily!  All the ladies were SO nice to all our girls and down to earth and funny.  It’s not often that you get to “hang out” with your heroes in a casual environment.  All these hard working soccer girls aspire to be on the National Team so I know it was inspirational to see them in person.

And if this wasn’t enough, after all the photos, they opened up the truck again and started handing out swag bags with shoes and clothes. The girls (and just maybe their parents) went crazy.

Thank you so much to Adidas, Dick’s Sporting Goods and our club for the once in a lifetime opportunity! #neverfollow  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll see LSG in an Adidas ad.  Wouldn’t that be exciting?!

P.S.- This was one of many situations where having an awesome and “on it” team manager paid off big time.  Thanks Mike!

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