Back to School Blues

backtoschool2013Things have been busy around here with school starting…  I can’t believe I have a 7th and 5th grader.   Wow, how time flies!  After a successful first week of school it was time for my favorite tournament of the year…Blues Cup!  This year only LSG was playing, but it was a family affair for all (for once!!).

The weather has been very strange around here- very hot with high humidity.  Most unusual for us in Southern California!  The skies were awesome on our early morning drive on the 405.


Blues Cup is my favorite tournament for many reasons (see my Tournament Tell All) but it is always hot!  This year LSG’s team was placed in “the bracket of death” and I was prepared just to enjoy the weekend and not worry about results after her team had been struggling a bit over the summer.

I guess I should do that more often because although they only won one game out of three, they matched up well against some of the best teams in California.  It was exciting to watch!  We also had the opportunity to watch many other excellent teams and games- all at one complex.  That’s always my favorite.


It was so hot…and our defenders certainly earned their shaved ice!


After the tournament we had a very fun team pool party which made for a great end to a great weekend!


One thought on “Back to School Blues

  1. Our girls are entering the same grades (minus the additional 3rd child I have entering pre-k). It could not have been hotter this weekend at Blues Cup! We missed playing all at one field so you could watch other games-I really enjoy that aspect with these larger tournaments. I would say the tournament was run really well. We certainly didn’t have any major issues, well behaved sidelines, decent refs. Great job to your girls this weekend with their games, you have a good team! Hope to see you soon!

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