Beach Training…Feel the Burn

beachtrain1Over the past few weeks both my girls’ coaches have taken advantage of where we live and have held Beach Training sessions.  The beach can give a killer workout between running in the sand, climbing ramps and sand berms, swimming and any other torturous things the coaches create.  Being at the beach adds a fun element to the workouts as well as being a bonding experience for the girls.  By adding additional training sessions at the beach, practice can be reserved for well, practice, instead of spending any time on fitness.

As a mom, sometimes it’s hard to watch.  Even though the girls are there by choice, watching them push themselves to the limit isn’t fun.  They are still my babies!  LSG especially had some problems with her ankles on the hard sand and had tears in her eyes, but absolutely refused to quit.  I actually try not to watch too much and instead walk myself, chat with friends or watch the surfers.


1- “OK girls, run to the second sewer and back.” Nice…

2- Sand berms and burpees and push ups- Oh my!

3- Yes coach, whatever you say

4- The water feels good!

5- The ramp of pain

6- Whoo Hoo!  We’re done!

7- Sand scrimmages

8- Sand castle contests

9- The hard life of a soccer mom

Any fun and different places your kids train?

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