Book Review- The Keeper

For Christmas, my mom gave my hubby the Tim Howard autobiography, The Keeper.  He’s been a bit busy lately, so I decided to read it first.  (Thanks Hon!)  We don’t have any soccer this weekend so I had a chance to do some reading.

In case you don’t know, Tim Howard is the heroic goal keeper for the US National team as well as for the English Premier League team Everton.  His story is particularly interesting as he has TS (Tourettes Syndrome) along with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).  Although some may think of these things as disabilities, Howard has turned them into the reasons for his hyper-focused success.

He has traveled a long path from his childhood in New Jersey growing up with a struggling yet super supportive single mom, to the long bus trips on the road to the MLS, to England to play in the English Premier League and his amazing career with the US National Team.

Howard is a man of faith who has made many sacrifices in his personal life to achieve his success on the field.  I enjoyed reading his book and I felt like I really got to know Howard the man behind the goalie gloves- humble yet confident.  I would recommend this book to anyone, but there are a few instances of cussing- some having to do with TS, some not.  It’s an inspirational story of hard work, dedication and overcoming obstacles leading to success.

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