Book Review for Soccer Kids and Parents

Recently I had a chance to read two soccer themed books- #19- A Journey to Soccer Stardom and Offside: A Mystery.  I love to read and can never turn down the offer of a good book!  Think about including one of these in your soccer kid or soccer dad’s stocking this Holiday season…

#19- A Journey to Soccer Stardom by Mark E Connelly

San Diego Soccer Club coach (and dad!) Mark Connelly wrote the inspirational book #19: A Journey to Soccer Stardom about a young player struggling with depression over not getting what he wants from the game of soccer, often being overlooked by the coaches for the bigger/faster players in the village. A change of mindset inspires the young player to begin to make changes to his work ethic, attitude, and this propels a different result.  

I really enjoyed the book and it has a great message about how hard work brings success.  The main character Felipe comes from a small fishing village, but the lessons his journey brings apply to kids (and adults!) anywhere.

Although I’m planning on having my girls read this book, I think that it would especially appeal to boys.  It’s very appropriate for children and would be a great motivational read for your soccer girl or boy.


 Offside: A Mystery by William P Barrett

Long time journalist and soccer referee, William Barrett, brings a unique blend of soccer history, Los Angeles culture and murder mystery in OFFSIDE: A Mystery

It’s a debut novel about the murder of an adult referee of youth soccer in a ritzy Los Angeles suburb at the height of the 2006 real estate bubble. A loud-mouth coach with a gang background stands accused of the crime. The book contains a fair amount of social commentary about California culture, high finance and, yes, even soccer.

This book is definitely for adults and is especially interesting if you are a native Angelino like me!  I grew up near where this story takes place and could relate to many of the themes and references.  I enjoyed reading this book and it would be especially interesting if you are in real estate or finance.



Click the images or the highlighted titles to purchase through Amazon.  These are affiliate links.  Both books were provided to me free of charge for review purposes, but all opinions (as always!) are mine.