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Fashion Friday- Favorite Fashion Blogs

To relieve the stress of State Cup, tryouts, club mergers, coaching changes, ENCL, EGSL, CRL, SCDSL, CSL, PDL and more, this is for all you soccer moms out there.  As we look for fun outfits that will take us from work, to school pick up to driving to soccer practice to sitting on a soccer field here are two of my favorite blogs to read.  I feel like I know both these ladies even though they live in Texas!

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 5.48.55 PM

My ultimate favorite fashion blog is Pinterest Told Me To… written by the sweet and funny Shaeffer.  She’s not a soccer mom…yet… but she’s got awesome fashion and shopping advice.  Her “must haves” list is amazing and I’ve worn the “blardigan” to many a soccer practice/game.  I think Nordstrom should start paying her a percentage of their sales!


Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 5.53.00 PMMix and Match Family is not just a fashion blog, but Shay shares tips about organization and more along with some great fashion ideas.  Her brother Sean was the bachelor and he’s the one who just got married!  That provides a whole different series of posts, but Shay’s easy writing style and fun posts make for great reading.  Shay and Shaeffer are also best friends which is kinda fun.  Shay also has a great food blog called Mix and Match Mama.

Happy Reading!


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Fashion Friday? Soccer Mom Style Video…Coming Soon

Those Soccer Girl Probs girls are working hard on the set of their upcoming soccer mom video.  I can’t wait to see it…but I’m a little scared.  Ha-Ha!!  You can find out more about these awesome (and hilarious) girls at their SoccerGirlProblems site and you can also read more about them here, here and here.  (And nope…I still don’t know what college they go to!)  These girls are really sweet- they even recently wrote me a thank you email for writing about them!!

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 7.25.39 AM

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Fashion Friday- Coach Factory Store

Hooray it’s Friday!  It’s been a pretty heavy week with the sadness in Boston and in Texas.  My prayers go out to all of the families affected by these horrific events.  It certainly puts all of my silly soccer issues into perspective and I am very grateful for the health of my family and friends.

As I’ve talked about before, I have a serious obsession with bags and purses.  It seems like I’m always on a quest to have the perfect bag for every occasion.  I think it may be a sickness.  All my time on the soccer field plays a major factor in my selecting process- who wants to spend serious cash on a bag that you are going to throw on the grass?

My newest answer is the Coach Factory Store.  I’ve always liked Coach bags, but as I said, I’m not willing to pay that kind of money to have a ruined bag.  Even though most of my purses I receive as gifts (thanks mom!) I still don’t want to ruin a super expensive bag.  Enter the Coach Factory Store.

The Factory Store is essentially the on-line outlet store for Coach.  Are they the same exact designs as what you’d find in your department store?  Not necessarily, but they are definitely Coach and definitely cute and you can’t beat the prices.  With a regular section and a clearance sections, most of the bags run between $100-$150.  My purse for summer is a bright yellow tote of embossed patent leather- the grass, dirt and sand will hopefully just wipe off.

The site is membership only, but it’s very easy to join.  Just a warning though- it’s addicting!  As I’m writing this post, I had to sternly tell myself that there would be no shopping today.  Things often move quickly, so if you see something you really can’t live without, it’s best to order it right away.  Here’s just a couple of things that caught my eye…

coachfactory1 coachfactory2











I’m linking up with Fashion Friday with JoLynn at Musings of a Housewife.


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Fashion Friday- Cute Laptop Bags

Confession- I have a slight major bag obsession.  I love any kind of bag- purses, totes, small, large…even diaper bags!  I direct the Children’s Ministry at our church and I’m forever checking out all the new diaper bags…even though I haven’t needed one for over seven years.  This season I’ve been on the search for the perfect laptop bag to replace my cute one that has started to rip.  (And my birthday is coming up so it would be a perfect gift from my parents!) I carry a laptop bag at least four days a week, so this is a high use item for me.  I shared a few in my post about accessories two weeks ago, but I decided to look further.  It’s hard to find a bag that doesn’t cost a fortune and is fun and cute (read, not black!)  I wish that I could just use a little laptop tote, but I like to carry a notebook, and an iPad along with my bulky Dell laptop.  Here’s some options… (all images are linked)

This LeSportsSac Tote ($62) is so cute, but way too small for me.  Even thinking about LeSportsSac brings back so many memories of high school!





I love anything Kate Spade and this Quilted Chad Laptop Bag ($118) is so colorful!  Again, it’s way too small for me, but I couldn’t help but include it.





This Nuo Chloe Dao 15.6″ Laptop Satchel ($56 on sale!) is very similar to the one I have now and comes in fun colors.  I love this inexpensive, but quality, brand for fun technology cases.  They also have cute iPad sleeves.  I know I said that my current bag is breaking, but I don’t think it’s the bag’s fault; I can’t tell you how much stuff I shove in there!!




Another choice is this Mosey Working Girl Laptop Tote ($158).  It’s got a lot of great features and I like the size, but it’s a little too “floppy” for me.  I was looking for something more structured that would stand up on it’s own.




I love the color of this Knomo Aurora 15” Laptop Bag ($129).  I’d never heard of this brand, but they have multiple cute laptop options in fun colors and different sizes.  I’d definitely consider one of these the next time I’m looking.




This is the one that I finally chose!  It’s a Clark & Mayfield Irvington Bowler Vintage Leather 15.6″ Laptop Tote (Sky Blue-$157) and the picture definitely doesn’t do it justice.  (It’s also the bag in the featured image) I ordered it and it’s arrived, but it’s not my birthday yet so I can’t use it!  (My parents aren’t too keen on the online ordering so I did it for them and will wrap it up for myself- ha!)  The leather is soft and the color is beautiful.  It’s fun, yet still classy- exactly what I was looking for.  It’s also huge!




When shopping for any kind of bag, make sure that you shop around on-line!  I originally found the Bowler bag for $200 at e-Bags and then for the much lower $157 at Amazon.  Shipping was free from both places and the bag was actually sent from eBags.  Strange, huh?

What do you look for in a laptop bag?

This post contains affiliate links.

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Fashion Friday- Outerwear

OK, so I know that if you live in a place with real seasons, you’ll probably laugh at this post.  I’ve lived my whole life at the coast in Southern California and until my girls started playing sports, my entire outerwear collection consisted of one puffy jacket/coat that was used for rain and snow along with a few lighter everyday sweaters and jackets.  Now that I spend so much of my time sitting on the sidelines (and visiting remote wind swept fields), my needs have definitely changed.  It’s taken me a few years, but I’ve built up a collection that keeps me warm and dry.  Here’s some things on sale that I’ve seen lately… (All images are linked)

Old Navy is having a sale on all their outerwear and I found a few cute things.  I know these aren’t going to cut it in a climate with actual cold temperatures, but around here they will be just fine.  Having a jacket with a little bit of extra length is nice for some additional warmth.  This one is cute and the $55 sale price is right!

Women's Long Belted Frost Free Coats

Women’s Long Belted Frost Free Coat

This one is also cute, but has a cropped length so it isn’t as warm.  The $24.50 price tag is amazing.

Women's Faux-Fur Trim Frost Free Jackets

Women’s Faux Fur Frost Free Jacket

Quilted vests are great for everyday wear (and can also camouflage if you overindulged at lunch!)

Women's Quilted Frost-Free Vests

Women’s Quilted Frost Free Vest

These scarves look so cozy- the pink color is fab.

Women's Softest Sweater Scarves

Softest Sweater Scarf

There’s also some great deals at the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale like this super cute Kenneth Cole jacket.  I love the color!

Kenneth Cole New York Quilted Anorak with Faux Fur Trim

Kenneth Cole New York Quilted Anorak $109

This one is fabulous, but just a bit out of my budget at $800

Burberry Brit Genuine Fox Fur Trim Down Jacket

Burberry Brit Genuine Fox Fur Trim Down Jacket…what?? real fox fur?  No thank you.

And of course, last but not least, the ubiquitous Ugg boots that we all make fun of, but all wear…

UGG® Australia 'Classic Short' Boot (Women)

Just make sure not to get them wet…

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Fashion Friday- Accessories

Hooray!  Finally a Fashion Friday post.

I shop at all different stores ranging from Target to J Crew to Nordstrom, but nothing upgrades an outfit like fabulous shoes, bags and jewelry.  Here are a few of my favorites…

Toms Wedges:  Last year I invested in several pairs of boots, but this year I wanted to upgrade my dressier shoe collection.  (For me, dressy means something other than flip flops!)  I’ve written about my Toms wedges before and I absolutely love them!  I wanted a different color and I had a hard time deciding which I wanted, but ultimately I chose these and I’m very happy with them!  Obviously if you live in a rainy/cold climate they aren’t the most practical, but around here they are perfect for work, parties and church.  I also love the Toms philosophy of giving a pair of shoes to a child in need with every pair that you purchase.

Lisa Leonard: I love Lisa Leonard’s jewelry!  She makes the most beautiful, yet casual pieces that are easy to wear with any outfit.  The “jumble of charms” necklace is so cute and I’d love to add it to my collection.  Lisa is also a very interesting woman who has an amazing story.  She even has a reality show coming up!  I can’t wait to watch.

jumble of charms necklace

Laptop Bag:  The search is on for a new laptop bag as mine is breaking.  (Maybe it’s because I keep shoving too much stuff in it)  I’ve been searching for something cute, functional and affordable.  Here’s two that I liked:


Coach Messenger Bag:  OK, so maybe this is really a diaper bag, but it’s fabulous, the right size and the sale price is right!  I’m putting this one on my birthday list.  It can pass as a laptop bag, right?  It could also work as a soccer bag.

I also really like this McKlein bag in aqua.

Any other good laptop bag suggestions?  I’m linking in with Fashion Friday.


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Look what came in the mail…

2012-08-31 21.42.16

It’s her super cute “I can’t, I have soccer” t-shirt!  It’s a bit on the big side, but it works.  She loves it and wore it right away!  You can order your own @soccergrlprobs t-shirt  here.  For more info on those crazy soccer girls click here.

I guess this could count as Fashion Friday, right??

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Fashion Friday- Toms

I haven’t written a Fashion Friday lately because it’s been so hot around here!  (Well, hot for us beachy folk)  Tank tops and shorts are not the stuff that fashion posts are made of.  Now that school starts next week, I’m thinking about wearing some shoes besides flip flops.  I went to check out the Toms site and found these lovelies…  (All images are linked)

Black Suede Women's Desert Wedges

Toms Suede Desert Wedges- Love these new wedge boots!  I’m definitely going to have to pick these up.

Black Canvas Women's Strappy Wedges

Toms Strappy Wedges- So maybe they’re not exactly meant for cold weather, but it’s California- we don’t really have any.  Black means it’s a Fall/Winter shoe, right?

Black Vegan Women's Wrap Boots

Vegan Women’s Wrap Boots- I’m not quite sure how these work, but they are certainly interesting.  Not sure I’d have time for this in the morning!

Silver Women's Glitters

I know…I think I’m too old for these, but I still want them.  I wish I could get them for my girls, but at the moment they are very anti-sparkle.  I may just have to sparkle for the whole family!

After I give the credit card a rest from all our summer expenses I’m ordering a few of these.  Who knows, you might recognize me on the field with my sparkly shoes!

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Summer Straw Bags- Fashion Friday

I’ve always wanted a summery straw bag, but I’m really sensitive to “itchy” things and most bags seem to be a bit too rough.  This week while spending the day with my parents, I spotted one that was the trifecta…soft, cute and inexpensive!  My sweet mom offered to buy it for me so now I’m toting the Betmar bag below.  It’s so fun for summer and is a great shape so it doesn’t totally collapse when I put it down.  I especially like the long robe handles which make it easy to carry along with my various other things that I’m lugging around.  I’m not sure how it’s going to stand up to the soccer field, but at least the bottom is a different color and hey pink and green look good together, right?  (Maybe mix a little brown in there too- lol)

Here’s a few other straw bag ideas from Zappos ranging from cheap chic to a bit on the expensive side.  All items are linked.


Bag by Betmar- under $50


Brighton $180- love this one, but not the price.


Cole Haan on sale for $159- love the turquoise.


O’Neill only $48- great surfer girl vibe


Foley and Carinna $220- another fun blue one.

Happy Fashion Friday!

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Soccer Mom Tournament Wear- Fashion Friday

In the summer, most club soccer teams play numerous weekend tournaments.  Tournaments usually consist of at least three games over two days  and some travel.  After two years of cool summers here in Southern California, this one is hot!  Days are long so you want to be comfortable, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t look cute too.
I always layer my outfits with a sweatshirt and then a light tank/t-shirt underneath. I add a cute pendant type necklace (I especially like Lisa Leonard Designs with my kids’ names), my sunnies and of course my Havianas and I’m ready to go. I have enough to worry about with player cards, sunscreen, driving and feeding everyone to have to be concerned about any wardrobe malfunctions.

A word to the wise about wearing white…last weekend I wore a white shirt and my 9am it looked lovely with the salsa I spilled on myself from my breakfast burrito…lol.

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