Christmas Card Photo Shoot

I can’t believe it’s December and time for Christmas cards already.  Every year it catches me by surprise, but last year I wrote myself a calendar reminder for December 1st of 2013 and noted the amount of cards I needed to order.  Yay me…for once!  Now I just need to remember to make a note for 2014.

Yesterday’s soccer practice was cancelled so we finally had a free afternoon to take some photos.  I didn’t even try to coordinate the whole family- let’s face it, everyone just wants to see the girls and the SoCalSoccer Dad was hard at work.  I got a new camera for my birthday- whoo hooo- and had a great time experimenting with pictures.  I did get a couple good Christmas card shots, but I have to say that the outtakes are my favorites…


I used to try and get my girls to sit perfectly still with curled hair and sweet dresses, but I’ve come to realize that it’s more fun to see them in a casual setting doing the crazy things that they usually do.  Although amazingly enough there were no soccer balls involved in our photo shoot, they both wanted to climb the tree rather than sit in front of it.  That’ s how I got my favorite shot!

In case you were wondering, I ended up ordering cards from Shutterfly.  I don’t think that they are the greatest, but they have cute designs and I like the folded card option and the ability to add a collage of pictures to the inside.  Wherever you order, make sure that you google for promo codes and discounts.  I already got a big discount by ordering on Cyber Monday, but at the last minute before I clicked “order” I decided to look for additional Shutterfly promo codes and found one that saved me an additional $50!  It’s worth the few extra minutes as many merchants will let you use more than one promo code per order.  My Shutterfly order had a 30% off folded cards, free shipping and an extra 40% off.

I hope all your holiday preparations are going well!