Cleaning Shin Guards

stinkyshinguardsYuck!  Smelly shin guards can really be disgusting.  My friend Melanie just asked me if I had any tips for washing shin guards, so here we go…

First of all, my girls only use the slip in shin guards without the ankle/foot straps.  This really helps to cut down on the smell!  These are the Nike Mercurial Lite Shinguards (S) that BSG uses that are both affordable and comfortable.  They come with the sleeves to hold them in place, but my girls never use those.  They just slip the shin guards right into their socks and the socks seem to be tight enough to hold them.  Each girl has several pairs in rotation.

Second, I stick these Sof Sole Soccer Sneaker Balls in both girls’ backpacks.  It helps with all the stinky equipment!

Third, I throw the shin guards in the washing machine with all the other soccer gear.  I let them air dry and they are good to go!

I found an article on Livestrong about cleaning shin guards if you’d like to take some extra steps to get clean shin guards.

Anyone else have any good tips!!  This also reminds me of one of the SoccerGrlProbs videos, yep, the FO’BREEZE test





4 thoughts on “Cleaning Shin Guards

  1. OMG!!! The thought of cleaning my kids’ shinguards never entered my mind—what was I thinking?? Ugh – gross – in the washer the shin guards will go!! Thanks Lisa! Sometimes it’s just the little things….. 😀

    1. Haha if you can stand the smell more power to ya!! Thanks for reading and commenting

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