Copa Cabana Beach Soccer Tournament

titletourney_thumb.jpgScreen Shot 2015-06-16 at 6.32.42 AMLast weekend LSG and some of her teammates had a blast playing in the Copa Cabana Beach Soccer tournament.  Sand soccer is not for wimps- it is some hard work!  (It was hard work for the parents just walking back and forth to the parking lot and restrooms- ha-ha)  Beach soccer is similar to futsal where you have five players on each side, but the goals are bigger, there are three 12 minute periods of play and many other strange rules I can’t remember. (If you are really interested there is a full list on the Copa Cabana site)

We went to the Huntington Beach event where the beaches are huge but the parking can be difficult.  Huntington is a beautiful place, and although the weather was a bit gray and drizzly at times, it was perfect for soccer.  The girls had a great time both playing soccer (and being coached by a fabulous dad!) and playing in the sand.  Some championship medals (and sunglasses too) made for an especially fun event this year.  

I love the beach so this is one of my favorite soccer things to do!  One tip- even though there are only five players on the field at a time, subs are VERY necessary.  It’s not like futsal where girls can play an entire game if needed- playing in the sand is super tiring and rotating players is essential.  We only had eight girls, but many teams had 10 or 12.


4 thoughts on “Copa Cabana Beach Soccer Tournament

  1. Whoa! Looks like fun! I’m up in N. OC and have a U10 player who is not quite ready for club but wants to play in the Olympics. 🙂 I just went through and read a ton of your blogs, love it! Just wanted to say hi!

  2. What a great site! I heard that parking is difficult. What time would you recommend getting to the Huntington Beach tournament to find parking, if our game is at 9am? I need all of the players there by 7:45a.

    1. We got there really early but I hate traffic. It seemed like if you came into the parking lot going west instead of south along pch there was less traffic. I’d get there by 7:30 :). Thanks for reading and good luck!!

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