Driving- How far would you go? Part II

Last October I wrote the post Driving- How far would you go? when we were traveling about 25 miles one way to practice for my LSG.  We had a great year and although sometimes the driving was tough, overall it was a great experience and LSG loved spending time with her BFF and carpool buddy.  Everything was fine and we planned on continuing our same commute until we got the news that three teams would be combining into two teams- both of which were going to be practicing 50 miles away.  We weren’t sure what we would do, but after guesting with the top team, both my LSG and her BFF were determined to make it onto that team.  To make a long story short, they did make it and we are going to be making that commute this year.  I guess my answer to my own question, “How far would you go” is “a lot farther than I ever thought!.”

We were having dinner with our good (soccer!) friends tonight and we were talking about the best kind of car to make that commute.  The kids need lots of room and maybe even a table in the back.  At first we were thinking something like this…


But why drive that when you could drive this…

So keep an eye out for me on the freeway!  I can even solve mysteries during practice.

What do you think about driving?  How far would you go?

2 thoughts on “Driving- How far would you go? Part II

  1. I’m a NorCal soccer mom, found your blog while researching concussions (ugg!) The driving post makes me appreciate our situation – for 5 years my 13 year old played on our town’s club team, she could literally walk 2 blocks to some games and practices at our local high school. She was fed up with a negative coach and some team politics and a few months ago switched to another club 15 miles away. And I keep hearing people say “isn’t it a pain to drive that far for practice?” Hey, it is not 50 miles -doesn’t that take 2 hours in SoCal? 🙂 20 minutes in the car is most certainly worth it for my daughter’s happiness, and she LOVES her new team and coach.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Glad your daughter found a new club and coach that she likes 🙂 Um, yes 50 miles could easily take two hours depending what direction you go. With us, the first 15 miles takes 45 minutes and the last 35 takes 40 minutes lol.

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