Fashion Friday- Accessories

Hooray!  Finally a Fashion Friday post.

I shop at all different stores ranging from Target to J Crew to Nordstrom, but nothing upgrades an outfit like fabulous shoes, bags and jewelry.  Here are a few of my favorites…

Toms Wedges:  Last year I invested in several pairs of boots, but this year I wanted to upgrade my dressier shoe collection.  (For me, dressy means something other than flip flops!)  I’ve written about my Toms wedges before and I absolutely love them!  I wanted a different color and I had a hard time deciding which I wanted, but ultimately I chose these and I’m very happy with them!  Obviously if you live in a rainy/cold climate they aren’t the most practical, but around here they are perfect for work, parties and church.  I also love the Toms philosophy of giving a pair of shoes to a child in need with every pair that you purchase.

Lisa Leonard: I love Lisa Leonard’s jewelry!  She makes the most beautiful, yet casual pieces that are easy to wear with any outfit.  The “jumble of charms” necklace is so cute and I’d love to add it to my collection.  Lisa is also a very interesting woman who has an amazing story.  She even has a reality show coming up!  I can’t wait to watch.

jumble of charms necklace

Laptop Bag:  The search is on for a new laptop bag as mine is breaking.  (Maybe it’s because I keep shoving too much stuff in it)  I’ve been searching for something cute, functional and affordable.  Here’s two that I liked:


Coach Messenger Bag:  OK, so maybe this is really a diaper bag, but it’s fabulous, the right size and the sale price is right!  I’m putting this one on my birthday list.  It can pass as a laptop bag, right?  It could also work as a soccer bag.

I also really like this McKlein bag in aqua.

Any other good laptop bag suggestions?  I’m linking in with Fashion Friday.


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