Fashion Friday- Cute Laptop Bags

Confession- I have a slight major bag obsession.  I love any kind of bag- purses, totes, small, large…even diaper bags!  I direct the Children’s Ministry at our church and I’m forever checking out all the new diaper bags…even though I haven’t needed one for over seven years.  This season I’ve been on the search for the perfect laptop bag to replace my cute one that has started to rip.  (And my birthday is coming up so it would be a perfect gift from my parents!) I carry a laptop bag at least four days a week, so this is a high use item for me.  I shared a few in my post about accessories two weeks ago, but I decided to look further.  It’s hard to find a bag that doesn’t cost a fortune and is fun and cute (read, not black!)  I wish that I could just use a little laptop tote, but I like to carry a notebook, and an iPad along with my bulky Dell laptop.  Here’s some options… (all images are linked)

This LeSportsSac Tote ($62) is so cute, but way too small for me.  Even thinking about LeSportsSac brings back so many memories of high school!





I love anything Kate Spade and this Quilted Chad Laptop Bag ($118) is so colorful!  Again, it’s way too small for me, but I couldn’t help but include it.





This Nuo Chloe Dao 15.6″ Laptop Satchel ($56 on sale!) is very similar to the one I have now and comes in fun colors.  I love this inexpensive, but quality, brand for fun technology cases.  They also have cute iPad sleeves.  I know I said that my current bag is breaking, but I don’t think it’s the bag’s fault; I can’t tell you how much stuff I shove in there!!




Another choice is this Mosey Working Girl Laptop Tote ($158).  It’s got a lot of great features and I like the size, but it’s a little too “floppy” for me.  I was looking for something more structured that would stand up on it’s own.




I love the color of this Knomo Aurora 15” Laptop Bag ($129).  I’d never heard of this brand, but they have multiple cute laptop options in fun colors and different sizes.  I’d definitely consider one of these the next time I’m looking.




This is the one that I finally chose!  It’s a Clark & Mayfield Irvington Bowler Vintage Leather 15.6″ Laptop Tote (Sky Blue-$157) and the picture definitely doesn’t do it justice.  (It’s also the bag in the featured image) I ordered it and it’s arrived, but it’s not my birthday yet so I can’t use it!  (My parents aren’t too keen on the online ordering so I did it for them and will wrap it up for myself- ha!)  The leather is soft and the color is beautiful.  It’s fun, yet still classy- exactly what I was looking for.  It’s also huge!




When shopping for any kind of bag, make sure that you shop around on-line!  I originally found the Bowler bag for $200 at e-Bags and then for the much lower $157 at Amazon.  Shipping was free from both places and the bag was actually sent from eBags.  Strange, huh?

What do you look for in a laptop bag?

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