Goalrilla Gamemaker Goal Review- It’s Awesome!

Recently I was contacted by Goalrilla to review their new Gamemaker Transportable Soccer Goals.  You didn’t have to ask me twice on that one- I knew my girls would love to help me review any kind of goal.  When I checked out the website I saw that they have a wide range of soccer goals (and many more training tools for other sports) but the Gamemaker Goals are designed to act like a real goal with the advantage of being transportable.

When the Gamemaker (4×6 size) box arrived at our doorstep, I decided to see just how easy it would be to set up.  So, I let my 12 year old try to do it all by herself.  And do it by herself she did… in less than 10 minutes including carrying the box to the backyard.



The Gamemaker comes in a carrying handy bag and everything you need is included- including the pump.  She said it was a little challenging to pump it up, but she didn’t need any help.

Goalrilla1After setting it up, the girls decided they wanted to move it to the other side of the yard and it was easy for them to move.  (I’m very sorry if you are caught in the Polar Vortex, but yes, these pictures were taken in our backyard in January.  We’re doing some construction so it’s none too pretty, but definitely nice and warm!)

Goalrilla2After carrying it to the other side, the girls had a great time shooting into the goal.  It’s very sturdy and holds up well to very hard shots.  The inflated posts are amazingly strong and simulate real goal posts.  The goal comes with stakes for outdoor use and sandbags for indoor use, but even without those, it was great!




















The fun continued after dark when we moved the goal indoors (doesn’t everyone have a goal in their dining room?!) and the girls played together for an hours practicing diving headers (do this at your own risk!!).  Although I don’t really advise having a goal in your house, this one is sturdy enough to keep balls from flying everywhere.  It’s also nice for them to practice headers without the danger of head injury from the goal post.






















My girls very enthusiastically recommend the Gamemaker goal!  They’ve had hours of fun playing with it already and we may take it to LSG’s next team practice and try it out there.  Their only negative comment was that they wished they had a full size one to play with, although we would have to keep that one outside!  (Although I bet the girls would be up for taking out the dining room table to make it fit inside!)

The only possible drawback to the Gamemaker goal is the price.  The 4×6 goal that we reviewed sells for $179 and the prices go up from there.  The 6 x 12 goal that they would love to have is $329 so we may think about that for next Christmas!  I could definitely see purchasing a full size one for use at practice if a field didn’t have goals.  Although the prices aren’t cheap, I think the Gamemaker is definitely a quality product and a great purchase for your soccer player.  If you are interested, the nice people at Goalrilla have offered a 20% discount to my readers with the code GM0192.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Goalrilla sent me a complementary Gamemaker Goal to review, but as always the opinions expressed are all our own.