Goats Go #2!

If you missed my first post about Goats FC please read it here.

After the Goats won their second and third games in the Swallows Cup, it was straight to the final showdown with the infamous “Moos” (names have been changed) and time to get serious.  After being locked out of the bathroom by their opponents, it was on.  The Goats coaches had a strict regimen that needed to be followed by each and every girl.

1- To keep their muscles moving and bodies cooled off they needed to participate in a team water balloon fight followed by a water balloon toss.  This dynamic warm up was specifically designed for full body stretching on the steaming J Serra turf.  Check out their perfect form!

PicMonkey Collage

2- After the gentle water balloon beginning, it was time to pick up the pace with some little known dance party drills.  Did you know that the Harlem Shake is instrumental in ACL and hamstring injury prevention?  Of course, the Coaches needed to get loose as well.


3- The final “secret sauce” to the warm up is the Conga Line.  Not only does it encourage team trust and bonding, “everybody on the field…all eyes on us…all eyes on us,” clearly says who’s here and ready to play.


The game was a nail biter and was tied until the 54th minute when the “moos” got one in.  The Goats baaaa-ttled brilliantly- especially for a team who didn’t all know each other’s names until the day before.  Bravo to all the Goats!!


Tournament Fees/Goats Apparel- $65

Food- $50

Gas- $35

Toll Road/Parking- $20

Earplugs to block out certain opposing coaches- $5

Feeling like an all-star playing with the Goats and making new friends- Priceless!


Goats FC truly lives up to its motto- No agendas, no coaches (well, not traditional ones), just a good time.

You can also read more about the Goats (and watch some funny videos) at their “Epic” team website.

Thanks again for welcoming us- we had a great time and hope to come back next year!

5 thoughts on “Goats Go #2!

  1. brilliant…you said it perfectly!!! Love how these girls didn’t practice and didn’t know each other names ( at least the newest goats) yet can compete at that level and do so well! What a great group of kids and parents! Lots of smiles all weekend! That’s what soccers all about!!!

  2. Great insight, and an even greater accomplishment by a group of girls who believed in eachother. I know some of them, and they are studs.

    Tigger is a great kid with a bright future.

    Awesome story So Cal Soccer Mom!!!!

  3. this is a great idea whoever started this. would love to be a part and updated. what a fun way to make soccer great for the girls. Hope to be updated. why stop at one tourney. maybe do another one. ???!!!!!!

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