Home Decorating Experts?

This is definitely not a home decorating blog as you will soon see…

We’ve always had a use for our sofa table that was never shown in the Pottery Barn catalog…  (By the way, most of these balls are just used inside.  I don’t think either of the girls’ coaches would appreciate them showing up with a Living Spaces or Justice ball!  Also, although that may look like a priceless crystal piece, it’s really a $20 bargain from Home Goods so that we won’t shed any tears when it gets knocked over by kids using the sofa as a makeshift goal)


 Can you see that Nutty Dog Nutmeg photo bombing?

 We’ve recently also made some questionable decorating decisions that started out as decorations for my hubby’s 40th birthday party, but seem to have found a permanent (?!) home on the exposed beam in our family room.


 This is only a section of them as I couldn’t fit them all in the picture, but it’s a pretty good representation.  In the middle is our “Family United” t-shirt created as a Christmas gift by my brother.  Love it!  They are a great conversation starter as I had a 10 minute chat with the air conditioning repair man about Arsenal or Man U.  lol!

So, obviously our house won’t be appearing in Architectural Digest any time soon, but hey, it works for us.

We’re gearing up for an fun soccer weekend that I can’t wait to share about!  Happy Father’s Day to all of you soccer dads!!  Thanks for all of the hours that you spend cheering your kids on and working to pay for it!


2 thoughts on “Home Decorating Experts?

  1. I think I might know what you are doing this weekend….sounds like fun! Can’t wait for details! We need one of those for the u10 going u11 age group!

    P.S. You definitely have our home beat on the # of soccer balls!!!

    1. Thanks- I agree about making another team for the youngers. This isn’t even close to the number of balls we have- it’s a sickness. LOL

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