Nike Hypervenom Cleats- A Review

I’ve mentioned before that my girls love Nike cleats- especially the Hypervenom and the Mercurial lines and recently I was given the opportunity by Soccer Pro to have one of my girls review a pair.  LSG’s cleats had a hole in the toe and although she still loves them, it was time for a new pair!  One thing about LSG is that she loves bright colors and so the “neon lime and poison green” Hypervenom Phatal FGs were right up her alley.  (They are even on sale now!) 

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 4.47.05 PM

The cleats arrived very quickly on our doorstep and LSG grabbed the box with anticipation.  Opening the box is always fun and as usual, we needed some sunglasses to look inside because of the bright green color and the shiny silver tongue (ha-ha).  

LSG says that she loves the Nike Hypervenom and Mercurial cleats because they are comfortable and mold to her feet so that they don’t move around while she’s running.  With these softer styles of cleats, there isn’t as much (or any) break in time.  LSG put hers on and went straight to practice and didn’t have any blisters or issues.  As you can see she was feeling pretty sassy that day- she can be quite the character.  Love those silver tongues- maybe she will blind her opponents if the sun shines just the right way. 



When you are looking for cleats (or boots as my English hubby would say) it can get very confusing between all the different brands, styles and prices.  I recommend you take your child to a store with a large selection of cleats and have he/she try on a bunch of different choices.  Once you have the brand and size, then you can either purchase at the store, or look on-line for better pricing.  Now that my girls are set on the type of cleats they like, it’s easy to shop on-line and know they will fit.  Just to let you know, I usually purchase the “in-between” price pairs for my girls with a price range of about $70- $100.  Although they do grow out of them, they are worn so often that the price is well worth it for comfort and wear.  My post Types of Soccer Cleats may be helpful if you are looking for more information.

Thank you to Soccer Pro for facilitating this review.  Although they were kind enough to provide us with the cleats, as always, all the opinions are ours.  They have a great selection of cleats with a wide variety in children’s sizes as well as adults and offer free shipping on orders over $65.

2 thoughts on “Nike Hypervenom Cleats- A Review

  1. We’re the same way. DD loves her hypervenoms and seems to prefer bright colors (currently hot pink). I actually like the bright color too because it makes it easier to pick her out on the field. There is at least one other player that practices and occasionally plays with her that has the same hair color and build so the hot pink cleats help me KNOW which kid I’m watching (that and the style of play is slightly different).

    1. I love the bright colors too- my older daughter loves the hot pink too. Her coach told her if she was going to wear cleats that obnoxious she better score. Wouldn’t you know it- she did the first time she wore them! Thanks for reading 🙂

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