Ouch! More Pain Relief Ideas with Ben Gay

With soccer comes pain and soreness…it’s just the way it works.  My previous post Ouch! How to Ease the Pain talked about all the different pain relief methods that we use at our house.  The nice people at Ben Gay saw my post (Hopefully they weren’t offended about my joke that my kids smell like an old man!  ha-ha!) and offered to send me some of their new products.  I’m almost embarrassed to say how excited my kids were when they heard that we were getting some new Ben Gay items- strange children!!

When the package arrived it contained three items…

2012-10-30 13.31.04

Unfortunately (fortunately?!) we had several opportunities to try them out right away.  Big soccer girl got kicked in the side of the knee and was hobbling around while Little Soccer Girl was complaining of a strained quad muscle.  Life as usual in our household!  Here’s what we found… (all products are linked)

BenGay Cold Therapy- The Cold Therapy Gel is really smooth and easy to apply.  The girls liked the way it felt on their skin and said it felt really good.  I didn’t notice any lingering smell.







Zero Degrees- The girls were really intrigued by this because you can store it in the freezer!  The idea of it was better than the actual use for them because they both said it was too cold!  I like the idea of the cold and think it would be great for adults after a rigorous workout.




Although the girls liked all the products, the Pain Relief + Massage is the hands down favorite at our house.  The girls beg me to rub their backs at night and say that the massage applicator feels great. There is a bit of that famous Ben Gay menthol smell, but it disappears quickly.  My girls are definitely fans and I’ll be trying it out the next time I have a sore back from carrying too much soccer stuff!






Disclaimer: I was provided the Ben Gay products in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own (and my girls’),  This post also contains affiliate links.