Big soccer girl has had a tough two weeks.  She’s gotten stung by a bee twice in two weeks in the same foot.  The first time the bottom swelled a bit and was painful, but it went away after a few days.  She was able to play in her weekend tournament (and score an amazing goal…hooray!!!).

The second time she wasn’t so fortunate.  Her foot painfully swelled up.  We tried everything…

Baking Soda…


Even acupuncture from an awesome mom of a teammate.  That was the most successful!


It was still too painful to play much in her first game.  After playing for 10 minutes she had to go sit on the bench with her foot elevated.  Soon after this she took off her cleat and iced it.  She tried playing in her second game for a while and had a really hard time running.  She cried after the game, not because it hurt, but because she was so upset that she couldn’t keep up with her mark.


But after some more acupuncture treatment she was able to play a bit the next day.  We’re going to have to do some investigating this week to figure out what made it swell so much.  I think I should have given her Benadryl right away, but she had never taken any before and hasn’t had reactions previously.  She has this weekend off, so she should be ready to go for her big Labor Day Tourney.

She’s begging to go back to the beach because she’s learning how to surf, but that’s where she was stung both times.  I guess we’ll go get her some water shoes!