Review- Trooz Cleats

Recently I was contacted by Trooz– a new company that is making soccer cleats specifically for women.  Of course with two girls, this was an interesting concept to me as most cleats are still made for men or are just men’s cleats with different color and size options.

We received a review pair for LSG to try out.  When she received them in the mail, she headed out to the backyard…

In her words, “They are very soft and comfortable and fit well.”  She also liked the logo that she thought looked like a kangaroo.  She wasn’t as enthralled with the color choices as she really loves her super bright Nike cleats.

I think this is an awesome idea and there are many great reviews from professional players who aren’t so worried about bright colors and are more focused on fit and performance.  The leather is very soft and pliable and forms to the foot and has different dimensions especially for women.  I especially liked the plaid pair!

I know the same pair of review cleats are going to a professional player next so that is pretty awesome that my LSG got to try them!

Trooz is currently doing a kickstarter campaign.  Click the link to support them in their goal of supporting women in soccer!


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  1. Thank you for this comment. My daughter and I have almost weekly conversations about this as our feet are shaped so differently (mine wide and sticky, aka fat and hers long and thin, aka skinny).

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