There’s never a dull moment around our house.  Big Soccer Girl will be Big “sit on the couch” Girl for three weeks after breaking a bone in her hand while skateboarding. It’s not a great time of year to be out with National Cup and tryouts coming up, but we were grateful for no surgery, a soft cast, and only three weeks out.

We were fortunate to get her in quickly to a great orthopedist whose daughter is about the same age and also plays club soccer.  Not that it necessarily makes him a better doctor, but it was comforting to hear what he would he would do if she was his daughter.  Because she’s still young and her bones are still flexible, he was able to snap the bone back into place- it was pretty amazing.

Actually the most amazing thing is that she never cried throughout the whole experience.  Her eyes were bright with tears, but she’s one tough cookie.  Aside from being mad at herself for crazy skateboarding, the most devastating thing has been the no soccer at this point in the season.  Oh well, she can sit and watch her team practice and sit on the bench and assistant coach and cheer.  She’ll be raring to go for the last two pool play National Cup games.  Who would want to miss out on Lancaster?

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6 thoughts on “Snap!

  1. Sorry to hear about the finger! Ouch!! That looks painful! What a tough cookie!

    We had that experience with Allison’s injury during league cup in is HARD to sit on the sidelines!!

      1. She had a knee to knee injury, it swelled up on the field, lots of screaming. They ended up having to call the game with 15 minutes left still to play and we lost…so all around not a good day! She’s fine now..but took about six weeks to fully recover. They think her knee cap was dislodged but popped back in or just a nasty contusion… We were just happy nothing ended up being broken!!

  2. I’ve been surprised to see kids playing League Games with casts on their arms covered in bubble wrap! The Ref said it’s okay as long as they don’t use it as a weapon – Yikes!

    Just think of the cupcakes in Lancaster! Best wishes for a quick mend!

    1. I know- the cast thing is a strange one. It seems like a hazard. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) playing isn’t an option for her per the doctor.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

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