Soccer Girl Holiday Gift Guide- Part II

After writing my first Holiday Gift Guide for Soccer Girls, I realized that I left off some very important items!  Here’s some more ideas…

iPad Mini| starting at $329

How could I have forgotten this??  (Thanks Krista for reminding me!)  This is the #1 gift that Big Soccer Girl wants this year.  (It also just happens to be the #1 gift for soccer moms as well…) I’m not sure if it’s going to happen for her, but the iPad mini is pretty awesome.  If you’re in the market for one, it would be best to order soon because already shipping dates are two weeks out.  If we do get one for Big Soccer Girl, I’m hoping she will be able to use it as a tablet reader, word processor and movie maker.  Both girls are really into making movies and iMovie for the iPad does some amazing things.  The only drawback is the price.  The entry level mini has only 16GB.  That gets gobbled up quickly and the 32GB model adds $100 to the price.  Oh, decisions, decisions!



iPod touch. Engineered for maximum funness.

iPod Touch | starting at $299

Both my girls have iPod touches and love them!  Imagine a thinner iPhone without the whole phone part and you’ll get an iPod Touch.  All of Apple’s millions of apps can be downloaded onto a touch via wi-fi for an endless amount of games and fun.  I was really concerned about giving them such an expensive piece of equipment so young, but they have been remarkably responsible and have kept them safe for close to two years.  They provide entertainment on all our long drives to remote soccer fields!  The redesigned iPod touches look amazing and I highly recommend one for your soccer girl (or boy!)

Soccer Girl Probs T-shirt| $19.99

I can’t believe I forgot this perfect soccer girl gift!  Give her a Soccer Girl Problems t-shirt to tell the world that she can’t, she has soccer.  Check out this post for more information: Soccer Girl Probs t-shirts.  Too bad they don’t come in little girl sizes… hint, hint




  Bungalow360 Lana Vegan Wristlet – Comes in Butterfly, Lobster, Ladybug, Sea Turtle, Groovy Flower and Octopus! (Elephant) | $18

This is the cutest little wristlet wallet that comes in a variety of colors and patterns!  I think it would be perfect to throw in a soccer or school backpack and hold money and other little necessities.  This one just might end up in someone’s stocking.

One thought on “Soccer Girl Holiday Gift Guide- Part II

  1. Hi Lisa, Wanted to share Drink Duets with you! Fast becoming a soccer mom fave.
    A real mom invention created out of need! You can see the Drink Duets facebook page too.
    I’m a former soccer mom. My daughter and son both played when they were younger and my husband also coached. Having been on the side line for many a practice and game, we became familiar with the “lost water bottle syndrome”. Fast forward a few years and the” I don’t know which one is mine” continued off the field as well. As we spent time with family friends at the Shore we’d find the beach house overflowing with half full water bottles. Then on the beach, everyone would return their bottle to the cooler, to keep it cold, and then when they go to retrieve it they are not sure which one was theirs.
    I took it upon myself to find a solution and the result is Drink Duets – Bottle Tags. Each package contains 12 different color tags that slip over the neck of a water bottle. They can also be written on with a sharpie if needed for a large crowd.

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