Soccer Mom Holiday Gift Guide 2014

2014holidaymomCan you believe Thanksgiving is here?  Cue the sleigh bells and get ready to do some serious Holiday shopping!  Below is a mix of things that I love, want and have stumbled upon all around the internet.   Although this is a soccer mom list, most things would work for any special women.  Many stores are have their Black Friday deals available already, so make sure to shop around!

1- Tablet/e-reader

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All those hours waiting on the field during practice (or in the carpool line!) can be a great time to catch up on your reading.  I have a very well used iPad mini that I love, but I’ve been thinking that a Kindle Paperwhite would be a better option for reading on the go.  

Number one on my own list, the Kindle isn’t nearly as expensive as a tablet so your soccer mama wouldn’t be as concerned carrying it around.  It’s also lighter and doesn’t have glare on the screen.  (Good for lounging around the pool on those tournament weekends!) Although I use the Kindle Ap on my iPad, you can’t access some of the special features such as the lending library that come with being an Amazon Prime member.




2-  Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband, Slate

It’s easy to to get tired just getting your kids to the game and then watching them play!  Unfortunately, it’s also easy to forget that we need to be moving as well.  The fitbit tracks your steps and sleep as well as a million other things!  You can sync it to your iPhone or Android phone and access many other features.  Makes me tired just thinking about it, but in order to have energy to do all the things I want to do in my life, I need to get moving!


3- Ugg Boots

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I know, I know, many think they are hideous, but there is nothing like a pair of Ugg boots to keep your toes warm on a cold morning.  No they aren’t waterproof and yes, they are expensive, but Uggs are definitely an essential for Soccer Girls and Moms alike.  They come in many different styles and colors but they all are warm and cozy!

If the real thing isn’t in your gift budget, there are many knockoffs readily available.  There is also a new line called “I Heart Ugg” at Nordstrom that is a bit less expensive and has some cute styles!



4- Digital SLR Camera 

 Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 6.48.08 AM

Although phones are great for taking snapshots and selfies, a digital SLR camera allows us soccer moms to capture amazing action shots of our babies!  They vary widely in price and brand.  I use a Nikon and got a fabulous deal on Black Friday last year at Costco.  I drool over the mega lenses, but I’m still able to get some great shots with my 55-200mm lens.  Look for a lighter camera body so it won’t be so heavy for your soccer mama to lug around.




5- Camera Bag

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Of course, to go with a new camera, a bag is essential.  There are many places to purchase cute camera bags including Jo Totes and Epiphanie, but I especially like Kelly Moore bags.  Love, love, love the Libby bag which is very cute and practical too.  There’s room for a camera and lenses along with plenty of space for other soccer mom essentials such as a Kindle/iPad, cosmetic bag and more.  (Maybe a manager notebook and some extra jerseys too??)




6- Cell Phone Battery Pack/Portable Charger

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Having a place to charge your cell phone out on the field isn’t always possible.  Any soccer mom would love this portable charger from Shutterfly that comes with a personalized cover.  It’s so cute and practical too.  It can charge two devices simultaneously and is compatible with most portable devices. 

Another option is the keychain mophie Juice Pack Reserve for iPhone 5 White One Size.  This is a tiny external battery that comes on a keychain.  Although it’s charging capacity is not as practical as a larger device, it’s tiny size seems very convenient.




7- Kate Spade Necklace

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I love Kate Spade!  There are so many things to choose from, but I especially like this little initial pendant necklace.  (I happen to know that I’m getting this one for my birthday…shhhhhh)  It would make a great gift for that special mom in your life!

Kate Spade also has some beautiful bangles with inspirational sayings engraved on the inside.  My favorite is the “Heart of Gold” bangle– I got this one for my own mom a few years ago.  At $32 they are very reasonable.




 8- Vitamix 5200 Series Blender

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I’ve written before about my love for my Vita Mix and the delicious smoothies we make!  Although this is an expensive appliance, from all accounts it will last forever.  Be careful with this one though- some women DO NOT like to receive any kind of appliance as a gift.








9- Crossbody Purse

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Having a cross body purse is great for all those long tournament days.  Your soccer mama can keep the essentials safely close by and still be hands free.

Two fabulous bags in the $200 range are the Kate Spade Cedar Street Crossbody (of course more Kate Spade!) and the Marc Jacobs Classic Q Percy Crossbody (especially love this one!)

Some less expensive options are the BP Double Stud Crossbody at $32 and I really like the the Fossil Small Erin Crossbody for under $100.



10- Puffer Vest

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Puffer vests are great for looking cute and keeping warm out on the field and everyday!  This red one from the Gap is especially fabulous and has a zip off furry hood.  (Red happens to be a team color for both my girls…) Old Navy also had numerous affordable options including this Black Quilted Zip Front Vest.

Nordstrom has a great selection of higher price point puffer vests including the Michael Kors Packable Vest and the North Face Kayla Quilted Vest.






Hope you enjoy making your soccer mom feel special this holiday season!  Any other suggestions?  I’d love to hear your ideas too.

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