Spring Break Shenanigans

It’s Spring Break time…great for the girls, but hard for mom to juggle.  Here’s just a few of the things we’ve been up to…


Velocity Sports Performance Speed and Agility Camp- Velocity is an indoor training facility where they teach all sorts of different performance skills.  My girls said they are learning a lot, but are SORE.  They had a bit of trouble going to practice last night after camp! I had to laugh watching them at camp, because they were throwing things that they had to catch…none of them are goalies so the results were pretty amusing to watch.





Hunger Games- My older one is obsessed and I won’t let my little one see it.  Enough said.





The Lorax- Cuter than I thought it would be…and not The Hunger Games.





Ice Skating-  My girls may be accomplished soccer players, but ice skaters they are not.  No pretty pink sparkly dresses for them…notice the soccer socks?  I’m sure we’ll be seeing that look on the runways very soon!  We were fortunate to get out of there will minimal bruising and no lasting injuries.





Lazer Tag- Fun times shooting each other.





Soccer Ball

Haven’t gotten here yet…but here’s hoping!