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Ouch! How to ease the pain

I posted this picture on my personal Instagram with the caption, “What do soccer girls and old men have in common?  Ben Gay!”

2012-10-18 21.10.45

My little soccer girl is now having heel pain and her experienced older sister is helping her to relieve the pain.  The little one got kicked in the heel in her game on Saturday, so we’re not sure if the pain is from that, or possibly from Severs Disease, a very common ailment among soccer girls.  I wrote about big soccer girl’s experience here.  It was pretty cute to watch her try and help her sister with her “diagram.”

2012-10-18 21.23.35

Along with lots of ice, we depend on many items to help relieve pain around here, so I thought I’d share some of our strategies.  I’m not a doctor and have no medical training, but lots of experience with the everyday bumps and bruises that are a part of soccer.

2012-10-19 06.08.51

  • Advil is helpful for both soccer girls and soccer moms!  (Remember to check the dosage for your child’s age and weight- little soccer girl still likes the liquid)
  • Arniflora is Arnica Gel, a homeopathic gel that helps with pain, swelling and stiffness.  You can also use it as a preventative measure.
  • Traumeel is our personal favorite.  My girls call it “the magic cream.”  I’m not exactly sure what’s in it, but it was recommended by a fellow soccer mom who used to play rugby.  It’s amazing especially for bruising- you put it on to relieve the pain and it then prevents the bruise from forming, or decreases the severity.  It’s on the pricy side, but worth every penny.
  • BenGay still has that distinctive (and overwhelming!) menthol smell and helps relieve pain for soccer girls and older gentlemen alike
  • Icy Hot Stick works like a deodorant stick so it’s handy for the girls to apply quickly to help with pain.

What are some of your suggestions for bumps and bruises?

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Summer Soccer Girl Style- Fashion Friday

Summer is here!  Both my girls have very specific styles which makes it very easy to buy clothes for them.  Although they spend at least half their time in soccer shorts and ugly grey club practice shirts, the rest of the time they need something to wear.  Both girls are obsessed with all things Abercrombie which happens to be an obsession I can fully support.  Their clothes are well made and although expensive at full price, there are frequently great sales on-line.  I love the preppy look and the fit is great for my super slim big soccer girl.

Big soccer girl (11) loves navy and white and wears a pair of jean shorts every day.  She gets cold so she’s always got a sweatshirt with her (remember June gloom=layers!) and of course no summer outfit is complete without flip flops.  She’s not a girly girl by any means, but she’s starting to develop her own style and is even occasionally including some pink…a color that has been banned from her wardrobe for a couple of years.  She begged me to buy her the Abercrombie bikini pictured here…but I had to say no as it was just too skimpy!  We’ll find a similar one with a bit more fabric to stick in her beach bag!   Instead of Easter baskets this year I bought both girls Abercrombie bags (on clearance of course!) to use for the pool, camp and beach this summer.  Quite brilliant if I do say so myself.

Soccer Girl Summer

Soccer Girl Summer by thesocalsoccermom featuring short shorts

My little soccer girl (almost 9!) is a little on the crazy side!  Although she also loves all things Abercrombie she will only wear the following: t-shirt or tank top and athletic shorts or leggings if it’s freezing.  No jeans, no jean shorts and definitely no pink.  She does love bright colors and has a thing for neon.  She’s a funny little thing who’s never cold so there’s no sweatshirt in her collage.  (Although she does have them and they are Abercrombie of course!)  She only will wear things that are “soft” and not “itchy” so she especially loves the Abercrombie soft fabrics.

Soccer Girl #2 Summer

Soccer Girl #2 Summer by thesocalsoccermom featuring tote handbag

I know this sounded like an advert for Abercrombie, but unless they are checking out who stalks their sale section, they have no idea who I am.  I do highly recommend their clothes though- especially if you have a daughter on the slim side.

I linked up with Jo-Lynne at Musings of a Housewife for Fashion Friday

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Soccer Girl Problems (@SoccerGrlProbs) Score Again!

Those hilarious Soccer Girl Problems girls have made another video where they translate “coach language.”  Although it’s not quite as funny as their first one, I love the “coaches” and their mustaches.  You’ll just have to watch it for yourself…

You can follow them on twitter @soccergrlprobs.  They also occasionally blog at Our Game Magazine.  Their latest post, Spring is in the Air, about the dos and don’ts of dating is pretty funny- even though my heart beats a bit faster at the thought of my soccer girls dating.  Here’s just a taste…

DO date someone that will always agree to the following:

-You weren’t offsides
-That ref hated you
-She tripped you
-Ya, she had a hat trick but you are wayyy prettier than her
-There’s no way you should have come out
– You were by far the best player on the field

No, I don’t know where they go to school…wish I did, but it seems to be a big mystery.  They talked about this in an interview with Yahoo Sports.  Regardless of where they go, I’m a fan of these dedicated, funny and beautiful girls!

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Playing with the Boys

It was another beautiful weekend full of sun and soccer-just the way we like it!  On Saturday my little soccer girl was in action with ponytails flying…



They played two games, with the last one against a boys team in our club.  Our girls were tired and the boys were fast and tough!  They killed us, but our girls sure had fun and can’t wait to play again.



Nutmeg the dog (yep, she’s a soccer dog) got to enjoy the day too.  If you’re wondering what kind of dog she is, so are we!  Maybe long haired chihuahua and miniature pincher? She thinks she’s a Doberman Pincher though.

Later that day we went as a club to watch the Los Angeles Galaxy play the New York Red Bulls! (US Major League Soccer).  We had a great time even though the Galaxy lost.  It was so hot, but the girls cooled down by drinking giant Icees…and the adults had beer.  It was Cinco de Mayo after all!  The Home Depot Center (Galaxy home field) is such a beautiful venue.  Can you see the neon orange NY Keeper?  He had an amazing game.


After the game the girls got to go to an autograph session where they hoped (of course) to see Beckham and Donovan.  They were out of luck…


It was the night of the “great moon” and trying to take a picture with an iPhone was mainly useless, but we tried


I linked up with Sporty Mummy to share our active kids weekend.

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Crazy Hair- Wordless Wednesday

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Dads and Daughters

Having two girls, it’s so interesting to watch their interactions with their dad.  They are fortunate to have a caring, loving father who is still married to their mother!  My own dad is a wonderful man and sometimes the strong silent type.  He was always there for me when I needed him…and still is.  His need for quiet time and his love for reading are traits that I’ve inherited.  My husband shares different interests with our girls (soccer…how did you guess?) and his crazy dances and antics are legendary.  But, he also has a very demanding job and is active in the community (not to mention our crazy club soccer schedule) so there isn’t always as much time to spend together as he’d like.

Last weekend he decided to join friends at a Father Daughter Dance with our two girls.  I have sweet memories of my dad taking me to the annual Father Daughter Dance, but I had forgotten the excitement of the event until it was time for my own girls to go.  The day began with us shopping for a new suit for Dad, and the girls were so excited to help him choose a shirt and tie to wear to the “big date.”  The afternoon was also filled with the girls and their friends talking about what they were going to wear and how they would do their hair.  (Mind you- these are all soccer girls who are usually happy to be covered with dirt, bruises and scrapes)

When their friends and their dad arrive to pick up Soccer Dad and his girls, a flurry of photographs was made even more exciting when their coach stopped by to pick up some paperwork and joined in the fun.  I’m not sure he recognized all his soccer girls though!

As we’re approaching the teen years and dating (gulp… no dating until 35, right?) I hope the girls will look back to this night and remember their Dad as the man they want their boyfriends to emulate. His presence, not only cheering on the sidelines of the field, but forefront in their lives, is a priority and even if it’s not appreciated in the moment, it will stay with them forever.

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