Team Snap- A Managers Best Friend? Update


Back in March I wrote about switching from Shutterfly to Team Snap to help manage both my girls’ teams. Both teams paid the $79 for the Premium plan (nope, not a sponsored post) as I wanted the ability to track statistics and have space for unlimited photos.  One thing that really sold me on Team Snap was the free mobile ap, but although I was happy to have it, it was frustratingly limited.  It was a good way to view game times, player availability and roster details but that’s about it.  I guess many people felt the same way I did and Team Snap listened!  I was even able to be a part of their Beta testing (I felt so techy!) as they worked to improve Team Snap mobile.

Recently the update became available to all and you and your iPhone can now do the following out on the soccer (or football/baseball/etc) pitch:

  • Change player availability
  • Enter game scores (good news, bad news, right?)
  • Add and edit games and events
  • Add and edit rosters

Team Snap had a cute graphic on their blog about mobile usage.

TeamSnap Mobile Fun Facts

Now a good managing system has reached a whole new level and it makes the whole Team Snap experience much better. I recommend using Team Snap and plan on continuing to use it to manage both my teams.

What are you using to manage your teams?

17 thoughts on “Team Snap- A Managers Best Friend? Update

  1. Hey – great article. We’ve recently switched over to It’s got most of the features of teamsnap, but it’s free. Yep, zero cost. It’s pretty new, and they seem to be bringing out more stuff all the time. The iphone app is also free – seems to be more stable than the teamsnap version too. Anyway – another thing that people might like to use.

  2. What did you think of TeamStuff? I’m considering free apps to avoid unnecessary costs. Thanks!

    1. I haven’t heard of it, but I will check it out. Team snap is also free unless you choose the premium versions.

  3. I tried lots of different platforms and Teamsnap just frustrated me for having to pay 80:00 a year. I switched to teamstuff on the recommendation and it was probably better than team snap- plus it is free.

    1. Yes, it can be expensive, but I’ve found that’s it’s worth it. I will check out Teamstuff as well. Thanks for reading!

  4. Another great app that I use is Teamapp. It is very flexible and is really url based. I use it for everything from scheduling to communicating to the team and parents. It is highly customizable and it is 100% free. I have used it extensively this summer and it really has made me more efficient. No more checking and cleaning up my emails and sending texts. Very well worth it considering it is free.

  5. Thank you so much for this article and all of the suggestions that followed. I will be checking out the free sites. I have been managing teams with my trusty golden and texting app for years. However after having a few issues with some year I had decided to bite the bullet and fork over the funds for teamsnap and hope it “buys” me a drama free season.

    1. I’m not sure that a drama free season is possible! 😉 But if you want a fee free season – like we have done for the last 2 years – teamstuff is the one. It’s like teamsnap, but without the fees. Of course, if you’re so rich ( lucky you ) that you want to pay just because you like paying money to people you don’t know – then teamsnap is a pretty reasonable choice too.

  6. Using TeamSnapp this year to manage a 2-team men’s soccer club with a number of players on the lower-div team playing for the upper-div team as call-ups. It’s pretty slick, but it is definitely made for single, non-overlapping teams without any affiliations or player movement. I’ve managed to shoehorn both teams into it in the statistics and stuff and it does keep everyone aware of ALL of both teams’ games for spectating purposes, but all of the workarounds are obviously workarounds. We’re probably expanding our club and adding a third team for the coming Indoor season and I shudder to think of what a confusing nightmare that is going to be. I don’t want to pay for THREE separate teams though as that’s getting up into the $300 range.

    Now, they DO have a TeamSnap for Leagues and Clubs, but from what I have seen the emphasis is on Leagues and the cost is quite substantial.

    So, I am considering TeamStuff, purely because of the Club functionality. It is pretty cool but ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE LESS POLISHED than TeamSnap.

    1. I am just finishing up a year using TeamSnap to do the same thing but with THREE men’s league teams forming a call-up chain. I found it to be very cumbersome for that, and players often get irritated at getting tons of invites for games they won’t be involved in.

      We are going to switch to TeamStuff because it’s free and seems better suited to a club-type setup where you have multiple different yet overlapping teams, tournament squads formed from various players from all teams, as well as full club practices and events.

      Plus I like TeamStuff’s app and interface better.

  7. I am looking at teamsnap, teamstuff and shutterfly for our GU9 soccer team. As far as I can tell, teamstuff has not photo and video feature. Am I missing it? Any guidance regarding anyone using the most recent versions is appreciated.

  8. TeamApp all the way ! Amazing what all can be done between the custom website you get for free and their awesome mobile app.
    I’ve tried them all for the 3 volleyball teams I help coach/manage and no one else offers everything for free like TeamApp !!

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