The Littlest Futsal Coach

Look who’s coaching…


That’s right, Big Soccer Girl has taken over coaching responsibilities for Little Soccer Girl’s futsal team.  They are playing in an easy division this season so it’s the perfect time to have a good time and try new things.  She’s taking it very seriously and has a chart of position and substitution rotations on her white board.  Is doesn’t matter if the refs always ask her if she’s a player, her 4-0 record speaks for itself!




Their team goal is to beat their 22 goals in a game record.  Not sure if that can (or should!) happen, but they are sure having fun trying.

Update 4/2013- Big Soccer Girl had to enter early retirement as schedule changes made playing impossible at the moment.  She ended with a 26-1-0 record and two championships.  Not bad…not bad at all…