U17 Women’s National Team vs China

Yesterday my girls had the amazing opportunity to participate as flag bearers/ball girls with some of their teammates at the U17 Women’s National Team game vs the Chinese U17 National Team at the Home Depot Center.  The funniest thing happened in the bathroom before the game even started.  Our girls went into use the restroom and some of the Chinese team were already inside.  When Big Soccer Girl came out she said, “The Chinese player left the seat up after leaving the stall…are you sure she’s a girl?”  They did look a bit on the manly side with most of them having short haircuts, but I assured her both teams were female.

The game wasn’t on the main Home Depot Center Field, but on one of the beautiful outlying fields.


The girls got to carry the flags out for the National Anthems.  My girls helped with the Chinese Flag…




National Anthem and then the action begins with the ball girl ready for duty…


She was a bit on edge because, “Mom, whenever the Chinese are threatened then just slam the ball out of bounds.”  Fortunately she didn’t get hit and had a great time.  It was amazing to see some of the skills the girls had.  They definitely didn’t look (or play!) like they were still in High School.  Check out this leap over the Chinese defender.


The US won 2-1 over the Chinese with a PK in the box helping their cause.  It was a fun afternoon with many soccer girls coming out to watch and dream about being on that field one day.  If you’re interested, here’s the article about the game…

US U17 WNT Downs China

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