Weekend Recap

This weekend, even for me, I pushed the boundaries of what was possible to do during one short weekend.  I’m grateful to have survived and to have a reliable, relatively new car with a great stereo system and a great hubby to help get everyone to where they needed to be.

LSG had a great time guesting with her old club and got to spend the weekend at a hotel with a few of her friends.  Stories of the weekend included movies, shopping and ferris wheel rides….and oh yes, soccer.  I was able to drive down (what’s over an hour each way when I get to see my little soccer girl?!) to watch two of her games and also enjoyed hanging out with old friends.  The games didn’t go their way, but LSG got lots of quality touches while playing all game, every game.  I’m tired just thinking about it.


While LSG was having her fun, BSG had her own full plate with a scrimmage on Saturday (I was able to make it to half the game!) and the opportunity to be a part of the LA Galaxy “dream team” and walk out with the players before the game.  Twenty kids from her club were given the opportunity to participate and it was an amazing experience for her.  All the kids were given a uniform to wear (if your kid ever gets the opportunity to do this, the uniforms are ahem very thin!!) and walked out onto the field with a player.  BSG was super excited because she was selected to walk with the amazing Galaxy #8 Marcelo Sarvas.  He held her hand the whole time (hmmm…he’s 20 years older than her so I guess it’s ok) and was very nice.  Here’s her instagram collage…


After going to dinner with LSG’s friends, I decided to try and make it to the Galaxy game.  I left dinner when the game started, but managed to drive the 50 miles and get to the game by halftime.  I missed the walk out, but got to enjoy part of the game.  It probably wasn’t the smartest move ever as I had to walk alone through the campus of Cal State Dominguez to get to the game, but it was well lit and I didn’t have any problems.  I didn’t even have to pay for parking as we had been there earlier in the day for BSG’s game!

Sunday brought church and another drive down to watch LSG play.  Unfortunately while I was driving up and down the 405, the So Cal Soccer Dad was graciously dealing with concerned neighbors and the police  after a break in on our block.  He’s the computer/techy genius and our house not only has an alarm, but security cameras that caught the suspect’s car on film.  Not a fun day for him, but it definitely brought together the wonderful people who live on our block and BSG showed off her hostessing skills while I was gone by making coffee and cinnamon rolls for all the neighbors.

What did you do this weekend??