Who Wears Short Shorts?

Who wears short shorts
We wear short shorts, they’re such short shorts
We like short shorts
Who wears short shorts, we wear short shorts

-The Royal Teens

There’s been a lot of discussion at our house about wearing  “short shorts” both at school and for soccer.  Of course everyone had their own rules and comfort level with their kids, but short shorts really aren’t something I worry about too much.  Fortunately, with all the soccer my girls play there isn’t much “hanging out” of their shorts…if you know what I mean.

One thing they both have definite opinions about is the length and cut of their soccer shorts.  BSG wanted to start a social media protest when her new uniform shorts (size YL- with a 6.5″ inseam) hung down to her knees and looked like basketball shorts.  We were told last year that Nike is stopping making girls soccer shorts in youth sizes.  BSG is about 110 pounds and 5’3 in this picture and wearing a youth large.  Not attractive.


Even rolling them up didn’t help… I can’t even post that picture.  Ha-Ha.  Ordering a women’s small somewhat solved the issue, but although they are much shorter (4″ inseam) there is a lot of fabric going on.  (Something funny- my BSG’s coach had them go watch a U16 game and when I asked what she learned she told me, “I learned that I can roll my shorts up even more!”  Ha-Ha)

Aside from my BSG’s troubles I’ve noticed soccer girl shorts getting shorter and shorter.  Of course girls are rolling their shorts up to make them shorter, but some soccer shorts are now looking more like running shorts.  I’ve seen them out and about and on some girls they look great, but others look like they are wearing volleyball shorts.  Maybe it’s just the size they chose to order…

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 10.19.02 PM


So it looks like Nike is just stopping traditional soccer shorts in girls sizes, because these new Nike Tempo soccer shorts (with a 3.5″ inseam)  DO come in girls sizes as well as women’s.  (Sorry boys I didn’t see a men’s version…yet.  You can stick with the new skin tight jerseys like they are wearing in EPL)  They look very similar the Nike running shorts so I’m sure my girls would love them.  I thought maybe some teams had decided to wear running shorts instead of soccer shorts, but these are definitely marketed as soccer shorts. I wonder if this is why they aren’t making other types of soccer shorts in girls sizes?

The women’s national team wears longer shorts…but I wonder if they would roll them up if they could!



Here’s LSG in her rolled up shorts- she hates having any extra fabric around her legs.  Always has.  Most likely always will.  

2014-10-11 11.37.32 

What do you think about short shorts? Do you let your daughter roll her shorts? Does your team have long or short shorts? How short should girls’ soccer shorts be?? Inquiring minds want to know!

Just for fun, sing along…












photo credit: USWNT_72 via photopin (license)

11 thoughts on “Who Wears Short Shorts?

  1. Well, I’m lucky since my soccer kids are boys and they aren’t too worried about them being long. But I do think girls’ soccer shorts (or any youth girls sport) shouldn’t be TOO short. I think mid-thigh is good. Definitely long enough that even an untucked jersey won’t cover them, lol.

    1. Ha-Ha good point about the untucked jersey! This is definitely one case where it’s easier to have boys than girls. Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. We have a similar problem. Although added to it that I don’t like the shorts being too short. My dd’s team wears the runners type of short which I don’t like dd rolling because they are then too short. She is still wearing a girls sized Medium in the uniform shorts (at 5′ 5″ and probably not much more than 100 lbs. women’s shorts fall off even with rolling, thankful they still carry kids sizes or we’d be in trouble). For practice she usually wears the Nike soccer shorts that are longer, almost like the basketball shorts and I’m fine with her rolling those as long as the practice shirt doesn’t cover it.

  3. I just found your blog and can’t wait to read it! The shorts made me laugh because this is an issue with my high school freshman. When she joined a club at U12 they wore the Puma woman’s cut which are a lot shorter than the Nike shorts and actually were pretty cute. But even then the girls were rolling them up! My daughter is a goalkeeper so for the most part she is wearing keeper pants, nothing like sliding on turf to make them switch to the pants. When my daughter played beach soccer some of those teams were wearing the volleyball trunks.

    1. Thanks so much for reading! The short shorts is a funny topic 🙂 The Puma shorts are cute- I’ve seen those. That’s nice though as a keeper you don’t have to worry so much about the shorts. My U14 BSG’s keeper usually refuses to wear pants and she must have some serious explaining to do at school the next day about her scratched and burned legs. Ouch!

  4. Good to know its not going to get any easier. My U11 girl has worn Puma and Adidas. Puma had the best shorts and socks. Adidas were not only long but the leg openings were huge! This year she’ll be in Nike. She doesn’t like her jersey tucked so I would prefer her shorts to be visible.

    1. I know- my little one wore Adidas last year and hated them! Lol. Definitely good to not have the jersey covering the shorts 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading! I’m sure most of this stuff works for any outdoor sport 🙂

  5. We have a bet on our girls u12 team, to see which one will start rolling their shorts first! The adidas shorts are HUGE though, so I guess it doesn’t really matter

    1. Thanks for reading! Those Adidas shorts can look very unattractive rolled too much!! Lol. I’m noticing that all of the World Cup teams have long shorts. Hmmm

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