Soccer Girl Holiday Gift List 2016

It’s that time of year again and I’ve been doing some shopping for my girls and thought I’d share some of my ideas.  Hopefully they aren’t going to read this! Just a tip- if you are shopping on-line always make sure to google for a promo code before you purchase.  You never know- you might find a bargain.  Some of these links are Amazon affiliate links, but many are not.  Happy Shopping!

As I’ve said before my girls both love Lululemon stuff and wear it all the time.  It’s really expensive so they usually ask for it for Christmas and birthdays.  I have a hard time with the price, but I have to admit that the stuff lasts and lasts through millions of washes.  The shorts and leggings have super convenient cell phone pockets and are very comfortable.  Both girls wear the shorts (not for team practices, but high school and outside training) and sports bras for soccer training and much more.  LSG used to really love the Ivviva line which is Lululemon for girls, but she’s mostly grown out of that.

Those Soccer Girl Problems girls are on their way to creating an empire!  If you’ve never seen their videos, you must check them out ASAP.  They also have some really cute gear including engraved hair tie bracelets (awesome idea!), cozy PJ pants and fun t-shirts.

Fun socks are always a hit for girls (personally not my fav gift to give, but they are on the list…)  I just bought the Stance holiday socks as a stocking stuffer- so cute!  I’m not sure why the Stance socks are so popular (read…expensive) but BSG loves to wear them to HS soccer and to school.  LSG prefers the Vans no-show socks to wear to school.  They both love to give and receive cozy fuzzy socks as well.  A great place to find cheaper socks is at TJ Maxx or equivalent.  You can get some great deals.

This one is also on my Soccer Girl Essentials list, but it’s definitely a gift item in our house because of the high price point.  Swell water bottles keep water cold for days and are really pretty.  There are now many similar bottles that are at a lower price point but still pretty and practical.   My girls have had theirs for over a year and they are still great…and they love them so they don’t get left or lost.  I wouldn’t recommend putting these in a stocking though… they are heavy!

A practical and fun gift is a cell phone charger for those long days at school or on the soccer field. I’d recommend choosing a small and light one that’s easy to stick in a backpack or soccer bag. The Anker brand lipstick sized one  is cute and super affordable,  but I really loved this Sonix Pineapple External Battery Pack that may end up in someone’s stocking this year.  Don’t forget to purchase the cable to go with the charger if needed.


I can’t believe my girls are old enough to want to shop here, but they do.  Victoria’s Secret/Pink has had amazing success marketing to teenage girls with their Pink line.  They do have age appropriate bras etc as well as cute sweats, PJs and t-shirts.  I always look for sales because their prices can be really high.  I HATE going in the store to shop because it’s always crowded and it’s super awkward standing in line with your teenage daughters next to the crotchless underwear…just sayin.


Just because they are tough out on the field, doesn’t mean that our girls don’t like to experiment and have fun with makeup.  Here are a few of my girls coveted makeup items… the Naked Palatte from Urban Decay and the Naked Illuminating Highlighting Powder from Urban Decay.  The Eos lip balms are always great to stick in a soccer bag.


When in doubt, a gift card is always a great idea…




Bath and Body Works


Favorite Clothing Stores- Abercrombie & Fitch, PacSun, Brandy Melville, Tillys

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