What is the EGSL?


Along with questions about the ECNL, seems like soccer parents in Southern California are also talking about (and trying to figure out!) the EGSL.  As usual, I’m not an expert, but here’s what I’ve learned through reading and talking to people.

Fast Facts…

  • EGSL stands for Elite Girls Soccer League and is approved by ECNL (Elite Clubs National League)
  • It is only in California (so far!)
  • It is only for the sister (second) teams at the ECNL clubs and for the first teams at the affiliate clubs
  • There is a Spring League, Showcases, and a Championship
  • Membership in the EGSL guarantees acceptance at certain showcases and tournament

                      woman soccer player woman soccer player 

The EGSL stands for “Elite Girls Soccer League” and was born from collaboration between current Elite Clubs National League (“ECNL”) Directors of Coaching in order to address the college recruiting needs for the sister team players in their clubs. The ECNL has evolved into the premier destination for college coaches seeking to recruit players for their teams and, until now, the excellent, and deserving players on the sister teams not receiving regular exposure on the ECNL teams, were limited in their opportunities to be scouted. The EGSL is a league for the ECNL sister teams designed to attract coaches from colleges of all sizes and all levels which will result in an increased number of scholarship offers for the sister team players. The EGSL was formed with the approval of the ECNL and will include ECNL sister teams as well as the Jr. ECNL first teams (U12 and U13). (taken from the EGSL website)

The EGSL was announced in 2013 and the sister teams (second teams) from the members of the So Cal conference were invited to be the founding members.  The U14-U17 So Cal EGSL teams will play a Spring League, a Fall and/or Spring College Showcase, and the EGSL Club Championship.  So Cal Jr ECNL teams can participate in a Spring League, an EGSL Showcase/Jr ECNL Event and the EGSL Club Championship.  Some out of state teams have also been invited to participate in the Showcase Events.  The winner of each age group at the EGSL Club Championship earns automatic qualification into the prestigious Surf Cup in August.  The EGSL North has also been created for the Northern California teams.

Here’s more important info from the EGSL site

What does the spring league consist of In SoCal?

Southern California U14 – U18 sister teams will play each other, in the spring, either home or away, preferably on the same play date at the same venue as their ECNL counter-parts, to maximize the potential of college coach attendance at the games. The EGSL will piggy-back the ECNL schedule when possible. All games will count towards standings within the league and towards seeding at the EGSL Regional Championships.

There will be a separate “affiliates” division in the EGSL for the “A” teams of ECNL member club affiliates. This will be a spring league division and participating teams will be seeded in to the EGSL sister team division for the Regional Championship event.

As the ECNL clubs continue to grow in Southern California (read ECNL and EGSL Big, Bigger, Biggest) it seems the participation in EGSL will also continue to grow.  It will be interesting to see what the future holds!

Does your daughter play in EGSL?  What’s your take?


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