Soccer Girl Holiday Gift Guide 2018

2017 Gift List

It’s that time again!  Time to make those soccer girl gift lists and get shopping.  Many stores already have their Black Friday deals live.

Here are a few things that I’ve seen for all those soccer girls in your life!  

Training Gear

Sports Bras– These are always useful in my house for soccer and other activities.  My girls prefer the ones from Lululemon that are cute and comfy like the Energy Bra.  The thing about Lululemon is that although it’s expensive, they wash and wear and last forever!  Lululemon also has a great girls line called Ivviva with smaller sizes and fun styles.  Nike also has some great sports bras available in store and on Amazon.  My girls like the ones like the Indy Sports Bra that are “strappy” but not too complicated.  

Cold weather gear– Ok, don’t laugh, but it does get chilly and damp here at late night practices and we do travel to colder climates!  Goal Five, a new company geared towards soccer gear for women, sent us the super soft and cozy Foudy Crew Neck Training Top to review.  This top got all thumbs up from my review team comfort and styling.

My favorite jacket is my North Face Thermoball because it’s light and portable.  They have many different sizes and colors and although my girls have a knock-off of this jacket, I might put these under the Christmas Tree this year. 

For game time, nothing beats the real Under Armor ColdGear to wear underneath a jersey.  They aren’t cheap, so it’s a great gift to ask the Grandparents to get!  Make sure you get the color that goes with your daughter’s jersey(s).

Shorts– My girls both prefer Nike shorts for soccer but are forever loyal to the Lululemon shorts for training, school, and general comfort.  They always request a pair of these each Christmas.  Again, they last forever! 

Slides– Girls need something to wear on their feet to and from the field and these Adidas slides are like walking on a pillow.

Soccer Stuff

Dribble Up Smart Soccer Ball– I was sent one of these to review and it has some crazy technology that tracks your movements with the ball and hooks up to your smartphone and even to your TV.  Kids of all ages can improve their skills and have fun!

Soccer Ball– We always need these and L prefers a Nike ball that’s brightly colored and easy to find at the end of practice.  Make sure you get the correct size- ask your player if you don’t know!

Pug Goals– These are small, portable goals that come in a travel bag for use in your backyard, the park or your living room. (Well, not that I recommend your living room, but sometimes things happen…)

Prewrap– Every soccer girl always needs prewrap for their hair and maybe even to use as it’s intended… under athletic tape.  Have fun and order a giant assortment of colors to surprise her!

Foam Roller– After challenging games and practices girls should be “rolling out” their muscles to help with recovery.  A new roller always helps make it more fun.


From the Pitch to the Page– Amanda Whiting is a current youth soccer player and wrote this book of soccer poetry that is both inspirational and heartbreaking full of experiences shared by many players.

Goodnight Soccer– This is a sweet picture book for the younger soccer player with really cute illustrations.  After reviewing a copy, I would love to read this with my little niece and nephew.

Soccer IQ: Things that Great Players Do– This is a more “serious” soccer book with lots of great information. “Soccer iQ is soccer’s first text book for players; an almanac of smarter soccer decisions intended to flatten out the learning curve. It covers everything from hunting rebounds to the value of the toe-ball; from playing in the rain to the world’s dumbest foul.”

Breakaway: Beyond the Goal– All little girls love Alex Morgan and her book is inspiring and geared towards her biggest fans.

Other Fun Stuff

US Women’s National Team Jersey– Girls love to wear these for training and cheering!

Hydroflask– My girls (and me!) love these.  We have several in all different sizes and shapes.  I suggest the 32oz for practice and games and the 24oz for school and other purposes.  I also love the Lava cup for hot or cold drinks.

iEverything– Of course there are always fun technology gifts that kids want ranging from laptops to new phones to smartwatches.  Macy’s has an amazing Black Friday deal on the Apple Watch 3 GPS + Cellular.

Private Training– For your super motivated soccer kid, what about slipping in some training from Game Ready Performance if you are local, or your local fitness trainer.

Happy Shopping!  Anything I should add to the list??

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