Displaying Tournament Pins


Something the younger girls (and boys!) especially enjoy from all their tournament play is the pins!  Most tournaments give each player a pin as a souvenir of a fun weekend of soccer.  Usually the girls then pin them on their soccer backpacks…

But they often come off and get lost.  My BSG has lost more than she’s kept!  I was getting tired of losing pins and wanted a way to display them along with the girls’ trophies and ribbons.  I’m not quite sure how, but I came up with the idea of using some sort of canvas and after wandering around Michaels Craft Store, I found these cool burlap canvas squares.  They are about 12 x 12″ (but came in several different sizes) and were very inexpensive after a sale price and a Michael’s coupon.

All I did was stick the pins on and I was done!  (Now that’s the kind of craft I like!) I tried to put them in chronological order as best I could, but many were missing and I couldn’t remember all the dates.  It was interesting to see which tournaments use the exact same pins year after year and which tournaments have different ones each year.  Even though so many were lost off of the backpacks, it’s still an amazing amount of tournaments represented!  They also look cute on a shelf in each girl’s room.  I’m sure you could add a name, decoration, etc… but I usually like to keep things pretty simple.

tourneypins2.jpgDo you have any other ideas for displaying tournament pins?



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So Cal Soccer Terms to Know

Being a new (or even experienced!) club soccer parent can be confusing!  There are so many different leagues, terms and things to know.  When we were first starting out, I wished that there was a list somewhere that defined the things that I wanted to know (or didn’t even know existed!).  Many of the terms […]

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Scenes from 2014 State Cup and National Cup

Phew!  It’s been busy around our house and I haven’t had a chance to post a recap of our Cal South State and National Cup experience from February and March.  We had a very warm winter here in So Cal (sorry to all of you around the country!!) so I don’t have any frozen field […]

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Driving- How far would you go? Part II

Last October I wrote the post Driving- How far would you go? when we were traveling about 25 miles one way to practice for my LSG.  We had a great year and although sometimes the driving was tough, overall it was a great experience and LSG loved spending time with her BFF and carpool buddy. […]

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I’m the Mother of a Teenager?!?

Recently my BSG turned 13.  It just doesn’t seem possible that she’s gone from this… to this… …in a blink of an eye! I’ve always been told that U14 is defining year for girls club soccer.  Girls quit to play other sports and/or choose to focus on other things.  I thought it was a long […]

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