Soccer Grl Probs Inc.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 9.21.07 PMThe awesome girls from Soccer Girl Probs have now graduated, revealed their alma mater (Division 1 Fairfield University in Connecticut) and turned their soccergrlprobs twitter handle @soccergrlprobs into a “lifestyle brand.” They’ve debuted their new logo and website with information about all the girls and how soccergrlprobs got started.  

I’ve written about them many times but here are a few posts… Soccer Girl Problems, Soccer Girl Problems T-ShirtsA Soccer Mom Knows Best.  We still think their first video the most, but my girls and I enjoy watching all the videos.  They always make us laugh at the girls and their “with training comes complaining.”  The girls are so funny and sweet too- they even wrote me a note a while back saying thank you for writing about them.  I love their new merchandise (especially the Infinity tank and the soccer mom t-shirt) and have a feeling some of it will show up under our Christmas tree this year.

Check out their latest video “Reasons We Don’t Cheer” below… 





 I have to add that in the past I’ve tried to encourage my BSG to think about cheerleading (shocking I know) but she always says, “No mom, they are going to cheer for me!” I’m just going to leave it at that…



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Life Lately…

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“Believe” Movie Review

Recently our family was given the opportunity to watch the movie, “Believe,” inspired by the true story of Manchester United football manger Matt Busby .  We all enjoyed watching the story of an old and grumpy man take a group of young wayward boys and turn them into a true team.  (No spoilers here, but I’m sure […]

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Keep Calm and GET FIRED UP

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It’s Time for the World Cup!

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