Futsal with Friends

My girls love, love, love playing futsal (5v5 indoor soccer-read here for more information).   We’ve had to take a break from playing for a while due to schedules, but this winter, LSG is back playing in a league with a group of friends.  It’s a great way to join together friends from all different club teams to just play and have fun.  BSG is also going to play with a group of friends- fun times!


In addition to having fun, futsal is great for developing foot skills, speed and creativity.  It’s awesome to see the girls passing the ball all around the court.  One thing that made me laugh a little last night was watching the fitness level of our team of six girls playing against a team with twelve girls.  The other team would sub out almost a whole team and they would come off looking exhausted while our girls only had one sub and didn’t even look winded.  I guess all that conditioning pays off. I’m excited for a fun season!


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