Sports Moms are Crazy

A few of my friends shared this article 5 Telltale Signs Sports Moms are Crazy from the Scary Mommy Blog.  This made me laugh about how true it all is- especially #2 and #3! My (non-soccer) friends all laugh about my directions that I give.  “It’s pretty close by” means it’s 50 miles or less.  It’s not just limited to soccer or course…cheer, volleyball you name it, there are moms (and dads!) out there making it all happen.   

Yesterday I was talking to my BSG and I told her that I want her to participate in any activity that she loves.  I let her know that I would be the best “underwater basket weaving team mom” ever.  Cue eye roll and “mooooomm.” I know I’m crazy, but hey, she knows I’m always in her corner. 🙂  I love my girls and treasure this season with them.  They are going to be all grown up before I know it- sniff sniff.  Here’s to all the crazy sports moms out there!

2 thoughts on “Sports Moms are Crazy

  1. Ha! I can relate. I had to laugh at your “close by” sentence! When we first started in the soccer lunacy, we’d stay in a hotel if we were an hour away from home. It’s an adventure! Fast forward five years and our idea of needing a hotel is drastically different! Two hour drive? Heck yeah we’ll go home, sleep in our own beds, and get up and do it all over again the next day. People just shake their heads at me!

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